Feb 2014 Glossybox

I thought I didn’t even sign up for real for Glossybox in January. Then I got my box (to me) really late. Then despite my irritation forgot to cancel… well actually I didn’t know how as I couldn’t find an account that was active for me. BUT after I paid for this box I realized through paypal I could. (I heart Paypal btw) So I have since done that. And with this box I am extremely glad I did. *** Spoiler Alert *** This was a total dud for me. But in case you wonder what you might get in a Glossybox and well my opinion is just one. 😀 So with no more rambling here is what came.

The box as a whole…. and I do love the LOVE theme.
I am in general so over nails polishes in boxes or at least full size. I am ok with small size as I never get through a whole bottle.. EVER! This is giveaway material.
UGH I got this last year when I tried out glossybox… really six months later I get it again???? I am not a fan i is more slippery than moisturizer BUT it will make a great giveaway item for giveaway ideas I have 😀
I prefer to use a heated curler BUT I have a few different ones like this so in he whole scheme of things I now plan on doing a battle of the eye curlers
This is the one thing I am excited to try. I looks very promising and at some point I will review it.
This is a nice pencil and at first glance comparable to UD’s but why do we always get black? I got one again last time around about six months ago a black one by a different company.
See just like UD

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2 thoughts on “Feb 2014 Glossybox

  1. This was definitely not a “wow” box 😦 And I didn’t even know they had heated eyelash curlers?! I’d be afraid that I’d burn my eyelids off! LOL! Like your revamped name and background!

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