January Beauty Box Results 2014

So I have either ran out of my samples or used them enough to give my reviews. I got January’s late for two of the boxes so I am hoping to get on a more regular schedule for this series. Plus starting in March I am going to have a new series I hope you all will like so keep your eyes peeled (As kid I always found this saying gross… am I the only one??? LOL) To see what was in the boxes and the companies details see this post here. It also as links if you would like to sign up through me. Disclaimer: I purchased these boxes with my own money and my opinions are my own without compensation.


My results: This is an ok moisturizer. It did not leave my skin tight which is a must for a moisturizer as I tend to be more on the dry side then the oily side. I say if you have oily skin and organic things are important to you it is a good purchase. I did not use as a highlight on my brow bone as I have other things I am trying to use up but I think it would be perfect there as well. I do think it is versatile like that. I will not be repurchasing though. 


My Results: This does have great staying power but for my age for every day use it is too shimmery. If I ever go out on a date with my husband again and want to jazz it up, I will use this for some extra pazazz without feeling not my age. I did not use it for a highlight because I have other things I want to use up first. I do think it will work awesome there though and look good if you want something very shimmery. I would buy this in different colors. 


My Results: I LOVE THESE THINGS!! The issue is you can’t purchase these on their own and I don’t need the whole Proactiv System. So a fail in that aspect. Boo Hoo. If I could get them on their own I would purchase them. 


My Result: I love this stuff. It is very pigmented and a lovely shade. It is moisturizing and had some staying power. I would purchase more colors IF I didn’t already have a ton of lip products. Due to my small lips I am just not a lippie junkie. Though I have my moments. I highly recommend if you can get a deal as I find MICA to be a little pricey for not being a top brand. Not that the quality isn’t there it’s just let’s be honest us girls can be swayed by brand names. 


My results: OMG THIS STUFF IS THE BOMB!!!  I wish I had tried this out fully before the coupon code ran out. I at first thought meh I would get this after my neutragena had run out that is similar but this blows it out of the water. My hair hasn’t been this soft in years even with my coconut masks. 


My results: This is a cool concept. I wish in hindsight I would have my smoker friend try it out as I best it would really work well for her BUT I can’t verify that. With that said I don’t think I get stinky enough to really say I would need these on a regular basis. (Or at least I hope not as it would be body odor … yuck so gross HA)


My results: There is no sugar coating this. For the fancy name and the price this is not worth it. LORAC’s is so much better. It drags and isnt that “shiny” as I like my black liquid liner to be. It’s not horrible but for the price there is better is the bottom line. I will be giving the extra away in the future as someone else might love it. That’s the great thing about makeup it’s all based on preference and opinion. There is no wrong answers! 😀


My Results: I gotta say I was not excited about this as my darker thick hair just doesn’t work with a lot of shampoos and not get that gray white cast. For that reason I never use the stuff. I have just plan given up. For the sake of review I tried this and I LOVE it. It actually did give my hair some oomph and revitalized it. I did not notice any gray or white cast. I would buy it again.


My Result: Meh. It is thick and does what it says but so does petroleum jelly. This to me is nothing special so I will not make a point to purchase it again but if gifted to me I wouldn’t feel disappointed either. 


My Results: I have used this brand before and it is a great brand but not a Holy Grail brand. The cleanser was great and a little went a long way. I would make a point to buy this if it was sold in a store. The lotion was nothing special. The eye cream is not enough of a sample to say it really did what it said. It appears to be good and it is moisturizing. 


My Results: This is like a lot of the things I tried. It is a worthy product just not one I would go out of my way to buy. If given to me again I would be happy to use it but I don’t feel it is any different or better then my Missha aqua cream. Price wise I will stick with the Missha. 


My Results: I had already recently bought a beauty blender. I do like them and think everyone should have one in their beauty stash. I know the solid soap is pricey and I compared it to my much cheaper Dr Bonners and I will be doing a separate post in regards to comparing it. I will say though if money was no object to me I would re-purchase it. Until I win the lottery I probably won’t repurchase. 


My Result: This color and consistency was beautiful. I wore it often the last few weeks. It has staying power and if I didn’t already have plenty of loose blushes I don’t use I would buy more. 


My Results: I LOVE THIS FRAGRANCE! I would buy a full size and well might once this good size sample runs out. The Sea Salt Spray was a fail to me. It was very drying. I have a different brand Not Your Momma’s and it is drying as well but not so starchy drying. If that makes sense 😀 It will also be going in a give away as only used once.

And that is my conclusion/results. What do you think of these products if you have tried them as well?

Please leave any comments or questions below :D

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