Ipsy VS Birchbox VS Glossybox — Jan 2014 The items

I decided too many weeks into January to do a twice Monthly series this year comparing the various items I get in beauty boxes. I have gotten Ipsy for the last year and it is always worth it even if I have gotten irritated with the items I did not receive versus what I felt more popular people received. (I am easily annoyed as a retail person so really it doesn’t take much to get me miffed — I will just put that out there might as well be honest right 😀 ) I years ago got birchbox when they were brand new but felt the itty bitty samples I was getting then were not worth it. I heard recently they have a great points program so I decided to give them another try. I have a love/hate relationship with Glossybox. I got about four or five boxes last year and they ranged from awesome to ugh way over priced box. I find their customer service to be ineffective to rude depending on the situation and they are very inconsistent when they ship the boxes out. It is nerve-wracking to me. Hey I am Bi Polar so it happens lol. I decided to try them again with the fact I would get a beauty blender .. hell that pays for itself. The thing is I felt like I wasn’t going to get it. My money was taken but I never received an email and I tried emailing them and got nothing back. So I was trying to get my money back then lo and behold Saturday I got my box. Again this annoys me as why have I not gotten any email back??? And it seems fishy I get the box the day they take the money out for the next one so now I am stuck with February’s. Grrrr. I want to love them as they act so luxurious but maybe they are just to hi-falootin for me. 😀

So here is what I got from each box. This email will be the info about the items. I will then use them this month and review at the end of the month. Yays and Nays regardless.

The first box I received as besides one tragic month, I get this fairly quickly and on time, was Ipsy. Sometimes I get annoyed we don’t get the same stuff cuz there was times I wanted something like benefit’s benetint but never received it. I am for the most part over it but that may change depending on if i keep getting good stuff. And I know it’s only ten dollars BUT I hate to waste and some things I have received just haven’t been my cuppa tea. So it’s not that it’s not value wise worth it but sometimes quality wise it is a waste. I hope that made sense. I have taken the descriptions from the Ipsy website.


Nourish Organic’s Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion provides continuous moisture throughout the day while replenishing essential skin nutrients. The advanced, non-greasy formula is also rich in vitamins and antioxidants to boost skin’s defenses and leave skin healthier and younger-looking every day. 100% Natural. USDA-Certified Organic. Fragrance-Free. Alcohol-Free. Ultra gentle for sensitive skin.
* Moroccan Argan Oil intensely hydrates and replenishes skin
* Rosewater evens out skin tone and smoothes texture
* Shea Butter locks in moisture and improves skin’s elasticity.


Elizabeth Mott Shadow Stick in Pearl The ultimate gel pencil that’s smooth like butter and packed with deliciously creamy colors. These velvety pencils glide on with ease, and contain just enough shimmer. They’re also waterproof and perfect to wear all day and night, a must have for all color lovers! Use a cosmetics sharpener for best results.
How to Use:
• Top lid eyeliner – Apply one coat for a pop of color, or layer it to express your inner color artist!
• Blending – The creamy formula makes it quick and easy for blending, even different colors. Start with pearl to build a base, then apply penny. By creating a base, you’ll bring out max results of penny’s rich copper tones. Use raven to finish off the look with a wing tipped cat eye.
• Waterline – Using the pencil gently trace your water line, the area above your bottom eye lash line. This will make your eyes appear larger and more defined. Pearl is great to use as waterline eyeliner. You can also build waterline layers to create a doll eyed look. Don’t forget to finish the look with plenty of mascara!
• Highlighter – It’s versatile! You can use Smooth Shadow to contour and highlight. Using pearl go underneath your eyebrow and lightly trace the arch. Use a brush or your finger to blend the color and smooth out. Repeat this step for nose and cheek contouring.


The Proactiv+ Mark Fading Pads are a convenient, single-use, no-rinse peel pad that can instantly boost your skin’s glow and radiance. The pads help remove dead skin cells to unclog pores and remove dull layers to reveal newer, smoother, more even toned skin. With just a few quick swipes you can help fade away post acne dark marks, reduce the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores.


MicaBeauty’s 24 hour Tinted Lip Balm conditions your lips without smudge while delivering sophisticated finish. For a sheer wash of color, one swipe is all you need. For a bolder pout, simply apply another swipe and this lip balm will create lips every woman covets. Kiss-proof and smudge-proof!  010

Repair and treat dry, damaged and breaking hair with Don’t Despair, Repair!™ deep conditioning mask. Fortified with ultra-hydrating avocado, sweet almond & argan oils, strengthening keratin protein, power-conditioning rosehip oil, soothing aloe, and super hair-essential vitamins B5, D, A, E and biotin. This unique complex of targeted ingredients helps increase hair elasticity and moisture to prevent breakage, promotes healthy shine and luster, and replenishes strength.

If anyone is thinking of joining Ipsy I do across the board recommend it and if you do if you can use this link below. Here is the speel…  Join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Michelle Phan curates the bags! Check it out here: http://www.ipsy.com/r/4ebo  I paid for the items in this post on my own and that link does not get me anything monetary other then points to earn for free items. Even if you don’t use my link I still recommend this sub. 😀 I promise!

Ok so Birchbox came next. I can’t judge their shipping right now as I signed up two weeks into the month and still got it very quickly. I think it is suppose to come around when Ipsy does when you are on the continual box plan. It is ten dollars as well. What I received is below with the website’s description as well.


Birchbox Breakdown

Whether you’re coming from a smoke-filled bar or a dockside fish market, unpleasant smells have a way of traveling with you. For those in search of a quick fix, these wipes offer a powerful, portable solution. A few swipes from these one-step wonders will erase tough odors from clothing and hair, leaving nothing but a clean, crisp aroma. Stash a few in your pocket, desk, or gym bag for an anytime boost of freshness.

How it Works

Reviver wipes use a blend of dry, deodorizing compounds to remove persistent odors, replacing them with the scent of just-washed laundry. Their reuseable formula is designed for versatility, tackling everything from smoke, food, and pet odor to post-workout funk.

How to Use

Slide two fingers into the handy sleeve, then swipe the front pad across your clothes and hair to remove lingering odors. To generate a stronger scent, simply apply more pressure. Remember, each wipe is good for multiple uses, so think twice before tossing one in the trash.


I got two of the Cynthia Rowley liners as I used a code for a free one. I don’t really need two but I have been thinking of doing giveaways so it will be useful as a giveway. But first I need to see if it is giveaway worthy. Know what I mean. lol

Birchbox Breakdown

Fun fact about fashion designer Cynthia Rowley: For years, whenever she wanted to wear bold eyeliner, she had to resort to using a Sharpie on her lids. Luckily, the style whiz has created an easier and far safer alternative: this smudgeproof liquid liner. The pen-style tip makes for ultraprecise application, whether you’re stippling your bottom lash line or flicking to create the perfect cat eye. And the signature gold motif will ensure that it never gets lost in your (seemingly bottomless) makeup bag.

How it Works

This smudgeproof liquid liner creates a laser-like inky line. Choose from two shades: Black Ink or Brown Ink.

How to Use

Gently trace your upper lash line, working from the inner to the outer corner of each eye. Finish by lightly stippling your bottom lash line for extra definition. Follow with two coats of your favorite mascara. Store your liner with the tip down to prevent it from drying out.


Birchbox Breakdown

Klorane’s dry shampoo is such a star, we’re convinced it deserves its own spot on the Hollywood Beauty Walk of Fame. The longtime choice of celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Diane Kruger, it’s been praised for its versatility as a grease buster, volumizer, and waterless cleanser (no wonder it snagged Allure’s Best of Beauty Award). Year after year, it continues to outperform its rivals with its pure botanical formula.

How it Works

Made with softening oat milk extracts, plus corn and rice starches, this ultra-fine powder spray leaves nary a trace of residue behind. It performs a heroic array of functions. For starters, it soaks up oil and sweat from your roots and helps revive second day hair. Next, it amps up volume and helps extend the life of blowouts. You can also use it as a texturing aide when you’re trying to perfect a tricky updo. We love taking it with us to the gym for a post-workout hair refresher, and it’s great for times when we’re on the road.

How to Use

Shake the can, and hold it about ten inches away from your head. Spray evenly on your roots. Let it sit for about two minutes to soak up any oil, then brush your hair and style as usual.


Birchbox Breakdown

Discover the secret passed from nursing mothers to make-up artists. Originally created for new mothers facing sore nipples from breastfeeding, Dr. Lipp’s ultra hydrating, healing formula later gained a rep as the ultimate lip gloss, primer and multipurpose balm among savvy London makeup artists.

How it Works

Packed with all-natural ingredients, Dr. Lipp’s thick, rich, long lasting formula is clinically proven to repair rough, flaky lips and smooth dry skin patches. Purified Lanolin is the closest thing to your skin’s own natural oils so it provides instant effective relief and the complex combination of lipids replenishes dryness and seals in moisture. Bonus: This versatile lip balm and gloss also heals cuticles, split ends, sunburns, and even diaper rash.

How to Use

Squeeze a small amount onto your fingertip and apply to lips. Reapply when necessary.


Birchbox Breakdown

We appreciate when a brand can keep it real, and, let’s be honest, we’re probably not alone (right?). derma e®’s Evenly Radiant® Collection is loaded with natural ingredients to improve the condition of your skin, and leaves out all of that not-so-good-for-you stuff. Lackluster complexions are left healthy, glowing, and more even. Bonus: These products are 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free. The collection includes:

Evenly Radiant® Brightening Cleanser
Evenly Radiant® Dark Circle Eye Crème
Evenly Radiant® Brightening Serum

How it Works

derma e®’s Intensive Skin Brightening Complex is the key player in each product. Loaded which botanicals Madonna lily and bearberry, antioxidant green tea, and vitamins B3 and C, it lifts dull surface cells and impurities, boosting skin’s radiance and evening out tone (and leaving behind a lovely light citrus scent). The Cleanser’s pH balanced formula leaves skin fresh, clean, and healthy, while the Serum uses caffeine to increase circulation and witch hazel to quell and lingering irritation. The Eye Crème minimizes dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness. This team of glow-getters is perfect for those with uneven pigmentation, discoloration, dark spots, or sun damage.

How to Use

Morning and night, gently massage Cleanser into face and neck and rinse thoroughly. Then, squeeze a quarter-sized amount of Serum onto fingers and gently massage into face and neck. To top off your regimen, lightly dab a pea-sized amount of Eye Crème onto the undereye area until fully absorbed.


They put in these cards which were colorful and inspiring. Plus I want to get back into scrapbooking so I think they will be useful there.

The same disclaimer for points etc for Ipsy is same for Birchbox. If you would like to sign up please use my LINK. I would appreciate it!!!


Here is my Glossybox. The price is 21.00 and it promises high-end items. I know it’s not nice to rant in the beauty world BUT I want to be honest and sometimes things aren’t awesome and pretty. I really believe they just threw a box together for me so they didn’t have to refund my money as there were a couple different items in it then others got. This is a box that a majority of the people get all the same items. Many people whose post I saw got a body wash instead of the perfume (though I’d rather have the perfume so maybe I should rant???) and instead of the liquid cleaner which was why I really wanted to get the box I got a round hard beauty blender soap. (Though again I would rather have the hard to compare to how I clean my black ones so rant worthy???) All in all as I write this I guess it all worked out but the fact this is the second time Glossybox have been horrible customer service it just annoys me. So rant over and on to what I received.

012 011

I was excited to try this and is one of the items that makes this box worth the price. Once again the descriptions are from the website.

A fortifying and soothing moisturizer that delivers 48-hours of continuous hydration for dry, dehydrated skin. Visibly improves skin’s radiance and texture, and prevents signs of premature aging with antioxidants. Read more


Apply an even layer to cleansed face and neck morning and/or night. Massage on gently until thoroughly absorbed. Can be used alone or under makeup.


A flawless look starts with the perfect canvas – clean, beautiful, even skin. Celebrity makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, creator of the original beautyblender® took her expertise in creating a flawless face one step Read more


Suggested Usage:

– Remove your dry beautyblender.pure from its canister.
– Completely saturate your beautyblender.pure with a generous amount of cold water until full size is achieved.
– Squeeze out excess water Read more


Discover fabulous, good-for-you cheek color. This creamy, super sheer all mineral blusher gives you a beautiful, healthy tone that looks natural. This color is in Desert Rose.

Bellápierre Mineral Blush creates a soft, radiant glow for perfect Read more


Tap a small amount of powder into the lid of the product using it as a pallet. Using the Blush Brush dip the brush into the loose powder and tap the end of the brush on a surface to remove excess powder and apply to cheek bones.


Creates texture and body with light hold – perfect for achieving a lived-in, beach look. Sea Salt Spray is part of the TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe Casual collection, which includes four styling products to create Read more


Spray evenly from root to tip, on towel-dried or dry hair and work though to create tousled waves with natural movement.

BCBGMAXAZRIA Bon Genre Eau De Parfum

The leather-and-lace trend illustrates a founding fashion principle: edgy and girly are best when combined. Nothing pulls off the contrast better than this intriguing new scent from BCBGMAXAZRIA. Inspired by the label’s Fall collection, it mixes a tough-as-nails rocker sensibility with feminine accents. Wear it and be prepared to turn heads.

How it Works

With opening notes of lychee and red berries, this scent is ultrafeminine for sure. But things get more complicated (in the best possible way) when middle notes of tiger lily and jasmine noir enter the picture. A seductive swirl of Australian sandalwood and golden amber only serve to make things more alluring. And who doesn’t love a little mystery?

When I signed up I used a code that got me a free lipstick. It is Glossybox own brand which I didn’t realize they had and then swatches of blush/lipstick with flash and the blush without flash.
Ok so that is what I will be using this month. I will check in toward the end of the month (no promises on exact date as you never know how my full-time job will go) sometime with my personal reviews.

Please leave any comments or questions below :D

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  1. I was wondering bout glossybox and think Im not going to try it now. Customer service is important to me and if its bad its a turn off. This was a great post!

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