Silk Naturals: Free Goodies and UD Naked 3 Clone loose shadows

Before Christmas I purchased from silk naturals, I have since purchased twice more partly due to their awesome customer service. I figured two months since I’ve had these I should finally get this post up. I never know when I am suppose to do a disclosure so I will put it in here. I purchased all this with my own money … all opinions are my own… and hell I don’t even have affiliate links! 😀 Not that there is anything wrong with that… I’m just jealous and hatin! lol

Anywho…. first the awesome free items I got with my purchase. I did not realize when I purchased the items I did that I was entitled to a free shadow or lippie. I actually got both. If you know ahead of time with spending $35 you can request a specific shade. I didn’t but what I got was perfect anyway. The loose pigment is a subtle shimmer highlighting color.

nikon122113 113nikon122113 115

One of the most unique things about the company is you make your own perfect shade of loose foundation. Here is what you get in the sample kit. The company has a message board where they help you find your perfect recipe. I will do another post on this another day.

nikon122113 119nikon122113 121

You get four different shades to mix in with the powder. Can you see the names ok?

nikon122113 120

So what I actually bought was the loose shadow dupes of the Urban Decay Three palette. It comes packaged in this nice bag. I got it as a new product deal which came with a matching lippie and their version of shadow glue.  

nikon122113 110nikon122113 123nikon122113 125

Here is the colors in the containers. The top is the names and the bottom is same order.

nikon122113 128nikon122113 127

Here they are swatched on my arm. Top Left above through bottom right.

nikon122113 132nikon122113 133

Swatched on white paper. All together then a little closer up.

nikon122113 134nikon122113 136nikon122113 137

This retails for 39.99 where the Urban Decay is 52 and I am sure it is less product. Of course you don’t have to worry about spilling the shadow everywhere like I am always paranoid of doing. You can get dupes for all the Urban Decay nakeds actually. Which is pretty awesome. You can even purchase individuals ones as well. Here is the swatches of the dupe and the original from their website.

Bare Necessities Set 3- compare to UD Naked 3

Another great review can be found at Phyrra’s website and of course where I got the bug to buy it. I have been doing looks with other eyeshadows for posts I have planned but I do plan on completing a weeks worth of looks with this for you guys so you can see just how versatile these colors are… especially with green, and hazel eyes.

Please leave any comments or questions below :D

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