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This is my current twice a week pamper skin care. I shoot for Wednesday and Sunday. I exfoliate with this glycollic mask. I love it even better than the way more expensive YouthMud Mask that goes for 69.00. You can buy it off Amazon here for 15.70 plus 4.99 with tax. I got mine off Amazon as you can essentially get two for the price of one. And it lasts a long time. I then follow-up with either a mask. I got about thirty of them last year from Missha as free gifts for a massive buy I did. I am still dwindling it down. If I don’t do a mask I will do a heavy dose of super moisturizer. I have thankfully a lot of samples I have been using and liked. I am going to get a full size of First Aid Beauty stuff as everything I’ve had a sample I love it for some deep moisturizer. Here are some reviews on it.

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Below is various cleansers I have used. My favorite are the Lumene and the Cetaphil. Here is a post I did showing how they take off anything! The Michael Todd I got in an Ipsy bag and it’s Meh. Nothing special though I had high hopes since everyone raves about it on youtube. The Rejuvasea is also Meh. It is not drying but it is just like this Clean and Clear morning burst at a better price point.

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Besides the mask above this Medi-morphosis is great for everyday usage. I purchased a lot of them off ebay a couple of years ago and go back to them from time to time. More so in the winter when I need the extra exfoliation. I also tried the (once again) Derma-e Scrub from an ipsy bag. It was effective but had big grains in it and I like more of a micro feel.


Serums and potions: The bright pink spray bottle is actually Time Revolution The First Essence by Missha. Per the website: The very FIRST step to your skin care regimen.

Back to the Basics, a Stepping Stone to a Healthier and New Skin.
Contains 80% Fermented Yeast Concentrate, “FISSIONE”, which absorbs into skin instantly to energize your skin. Also contains Niacinamide, a Vitamin B3 component, to improve skin elasticity, enhance skin barrier function, and revive skin tone and texture. DN-Aid, made from Cassia-Alata Extract, provides vitality to aging skin, protects DNA from aging caused by UV rays, and promotes restoration of damaged DNA.

THE FIRST TREATMENT ESSENCE improves fine lines and skin tone. Miracle water “FISSIONE” hydrates, restores, rejuvenates, and gives you a glowing complexion.

Do you know what YEAST is?
YEAST is a naturally fortified Vitamin B Group. Vitamin B supports and increases the rate of metabolism and maintains a healthy skin.
Recently, more and more researches prove fermented yeast extract to be a good source for skin care products. I contribute it to turning my skin around from dry and dull to more supple and brighter coloring. All through the end of winter, spring, summer, and fall. I have heard it is a lower cost dupe for SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence. Here is the post I read from Skin & Tonic that lead me to purchase the Missha brand.

I have also used the Time Revolution night repair by Missha. The website says for this The complete science behind beautiful skin.

Use the essential Activator Ampoule on a daily basis to get smooth and firm, beautiful skin. It provides your skin with extra nutrients and moisture that you are not getting from basic skincare.
The Ampoule energizes, repairs, and restores elasticity. It also provides wrinkle repairing and whitening benefits.

Contains Fermented Bifida, Lactobacillus, and Lactococcus for improved, healthier skin. Bifida Ferment strengthens skin’s barrier to prevent damage from harmful environmental factors. Lactobacillus Ferment contains Peptide and Vitamin B12 for improved, healthy skin condition. Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate has protective and antioxidant properties to moisturize and improve skin barrier.

Skin and Tonic also said the Missha is a good dupe for Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum.


Another Youtube and beauty Guru love is the Mario Badescu Drying Potion. I have found it is 50/50 when drying up a pimple. I don’t get many but depending on how deep or where it is located depends on how effective this stuff is. I would probably purchase again but I saw it in an etsy shop so I am thinking there might be a DIY I could look into making myself.


I a few kinds of moisturizer. I have shown in a few posts this winter my main night go to is the Super Aqua in the blue container from Missha. This summer I didn’t need such a thick moisturizer so I used the snail cream which was more like a gel than a cream. It was very effective though I can’t say that it did much for spots. I never really had a lot that I noticed but I can say I still have my freckles across my upper cheeks though I am not sure it is to fade those to be honest. These below are the few I am using during the daytime and in my drawer of my makeup desk. I have a lot of deep concentrated creams that I am using after my masks or instead of a mask with the glycollic mask scrub. My latest one I used and liked is the Benefit Total Moisture. It was SOOOOO hydrating that even an hour later I could blot away easily some of the excess not soaked in yet. It had a nice smell but I am not a fan of highly perfumed face creams. Though I did like it the retail price is 40.00 and I’d rather get the First Aid Beauty brand without the fragrance and the same results.


Things that I have found to be ineffective and rarely use anymore. The Rejuvasea firming serum. I felt it was drying out my skin too much. I might try again in summer when my skin is more forgiving. The Lumene Vitamin C serum I did not feel did a thing compared to my Missha items. I tried this first. I must say Lumene had EXCELLENT customer service. I advised I wasn’t happy with this and an eye serum and they asked me two other products I would like to try to replace and well the Lumene oil was one and it is a HG for me. Even above my old favorite coconut oil. The Botinics toner was good. I just forget to use it. I should try it again as my chin and nose have been really oily lately where as the rest of my face dry. It is bizarre that in the summer my skin really does become truly combination. The L’oreal one again is ok I just don’t use toner like I probably should. So onto the Time Revolution Wrinkle Care…. Either my wrinkles around my mouth and eyes are not that in need of help or this wrinkle cure is not effective. I have given up on putting it on and I do not see any change in wrinkles coming back etc. I would skip it but it was worth a try. I am using up the Bare Minerals skin rev-er upper but I am not sure it is doing anything either but I figure I got it to try so why not use it. lol. I do not believe I would buy it again. The Bath and Body Works mask is Meh. Then again maybe I am papered with the sheet skin masks. Once they are used up I will try this on a regular basis and report back.

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Ok this is another “Youtube Made Me Buy It.” item. It is a Personal Microdermabrasion Device. It is known as a PMB. Nordstrom’s website says Achieve amazing anti-aging results at home with PMD Personal Microderm. It works just like a professional microdermabrasion treatment without the hassle or cost. The hand-held device uses the same aluminum oxide crystals as the pricey machines found at your doctor’s office.

Features and benefits:
– Smoothes away dead skin cells, diminishing age spots, roughness and discoloration for a softer, more radiant appearance.
– The aluminum-oxide crystal disc removes superficial layers of dull, dead skin that block the full absorption and delivery of products. Helps exfoliate and decongest clogged pores for a deep, thorough cleanse, allowing skin to breathe and bacteria to escape.
– Skin care products can work at a deeper, cellular level to bring about more dramatic and visible results.
– Helps alleviate acne, blackheads and blemishes as well as diminish the appearance of enlarged pores.
– The vacuum action of the PMD stimulates blood flow, collagen, elastin production and circulation deep within the skin.
– Skin appears firmer and more youthful and is left more readily able to receive active ingredients from topical creams and serums.
– Small, lightweight, portable and travel-friendly, the PMD can be used in the treatment room or on-the-go.
– Optimum results are immediate and long term with little or no down time.

Studies show that products offering anti-aging treatments are up to 20 times more effective when used in combination with microdermal exfoliation. PMD’s patented exfoliation and vacuum technology creates a mutually beneficial, synergistic effect resulting in less money, less makeup and less time. Restore your self-confidence with a lunch-time peel!

How to use: Takes just 5 to 10 minutes weekly. There is no discomfort and minimal redness after the treatment. PMD can be used as a regular facial treatment.

You have to be very very careful not to stay too long in one spot as last year I burned my nose on it. I find it has a learning curve and well like most things I want that require refills I haven’t used it in ages as I need more pads for it. I also am a little scared to use it as I don’t have the horrible dryness I did last year which I am sure it helped me with. The thing is there is a fine line with exfoliating. If you over due it I have read you can cause the dryness to be worse or continue. I suppose it is good to have around in case I do need it again.


Ok so that is a good majority of the things I use and/or mini reviews of things I have tried skin care wise. Please check out these other websites to complete the blog hop and think you for stopping to look at my blog! 😀


And as always ….

Please leave any comments or questions below :D

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11 thoughts on “Skincare blog hop

  1. I was also sucked into the Michael Todd hype from youtube and was really bummed by the results. I bought the trial kit and it made my skin break out so I shared the travel sized bottles with friends and went back to what works for me. Great post – I love reading about brands that I’ve never heard of or tried.

  2. HA! I loved “Do you know what YEAST is?” and I thought to myself, yes, in fact, I use it for baking. And then I remembered… wrong yeast. Great post and so detailed! Loved it! xx

  3. Just wanted to say LOVE the post! Michael Todd worked wonders for me but is definitely lacking on the anti aging side in the acne regimen . I haven’t tried the Mario drying lotion but they have a cystic acne spot treatment that is on my MUST have list. They have a peptide serum that is really nice but I have only used it a few days. Overall great post !!

  4. If you find a diy for the drying lotion please share! Ive also been curious about Michael Todd products and really want to try something from their line. Sorry you didn’t like the charcoal scrub. Others have said they loved it! Now I really must try it for myself 🙂

  5. I love the Serious Skincare Dry-Lo, which is very similar to the Mario Badescu (same 10% sulfur as the active ingredient). I’m sorry it doesn’t work for you. I still haven’t opened up my Michael Todd Charcoal Scrub from Ipsy, and it’s been months!

  6. I LOVE glycolic acid, it really works well for my skin and that is a great priced one. I have never tried anything from the Missha brand but now I really want to

  7. By FAR the item that caught my eye the most was the Pumpkin Face Mask… I MUST HAVE THIS! 🙂 Does it actually smell like pumpkin? I love all fall scents and recently tried a pumpkin body sugar scrub that I feel in love with! This is the second time I’ve heard about Michael Todd (via the blog hop), I’m definitely going to have to check him out. Thank you for the great review! 🙂

    • The smell is faint. Now that I think about it they might not carry it anymore at BBW as I got it during their clearance??? And Michael Todd I decided after our blog hop that you either love it or meh it. (Not hate as it is good stuff just not as awesome to some as others think if that makes sense lol)

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