Review: Rimmel Matte Mousse Foundation

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As you can tell, I am reviewing the Stay Matte Rimmel Mousse foundation in Ivory. I think the color is a good match but there was too many cons. I wanted to give it a full week review but after the second day I just couldn’t go out in public with it on. First day results above and the second day’s below.

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I decided after the zit was gone and I had exfoliate several times in the last two weeks and have been having great results with (I hate to dare say it) a possible Holy Grail Foundation. I decided I wanted to give this one more try and right from the beginning I was not happy. First picture is just my eyes done and the foundation. I have moisturized and primed beforehand. My priming included Benefit’s Porefessional.

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End of day… not as horrible in this picture as it was (to me in real life) My nose area was gone in most places BUT my pores!

Now overall I do think this would be good with people that have oily skin and like a uber matte finish. I decided I just don’t like a matte finish on me. I love the price and the shade for me was ok. Though the range is limited. I liked the feel and how easy it blended as far as not being streaky but I did not like how it left a dry powdery like look. It didn’t last long on my high touch areas and showed my pores too easily. Trust me I really really wanted to like it but I just can’t.

Please leave any comments or questions below… Have you tried it and did you get it to work for you. If you did I would love to hear different ways to apply it and try it again.

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