Room Change and Re-organized

nikon 010514 037

Here is the corner of my bedroom the hubs and I have decided to delegate for my makeup area. It was decided having it in the basement was not good parenting as I often was too far away from the kids to make sure all was going well. Now we never had issues BUT to get me out of the dungeon downstairs and into a more responsible parenting. We (I) decided it was best.


nikon 010514 038

This is what I was working with before. It was cruddy for videos and meh for pictures. AND COLD DARN IT! as in our basement that is an unfinished old bedroom. What a freaking mess too! I just couldn’t get it organized as it kept getting inter twined with my massive scrapbook horde.


nikon 010514 039


So the 80% done organization looks like this. I am happy with it but I need some improved lighting. We will work on that next. I also have some ELF brush holders coming so the final look will be different. Would anyone be interested in the final look?

nikon 010514 040

Also this is the a container of extra’s and samples I have accumulated over the years. The FB blogging shares had a topic of doing a swap of sample things. I hope we do it as I have several things I love (like the porefessional and Lumene products that I don’t need to use as I have full sizes. The other thing I I just got a luxury sample for blonde hair and well I so don’t have blonde hair (boo hoo) SO why keep it around. I gave some good stuff as my white elephant grab back at work so it was a lot fuller. Of course some things in here are doubles for when I run out or waiting to get rid of some stash before using it (like the Lorac Primer) Still the majority of the items are samples I just don’t think I have use for so I hope we do the swap. It’s fun to get different things even if just sample things.

I hate cleaning my bedroom I am a piler and well it gets the most piles as I can shut the door. But Damn it I have one more day of vacation so I am going to get this project done!!! The kids have another day of school off due to snow so my planned day to have quite to myself is RUINED!  Ahhh well no biggie. I go back to work Tuesday. That Staycation went so fast and a part of me is ready to go back but the makes me anxious but you can follow my other blog I Am My Own Island for those ramblings 😀

Please leave any comments or questions below :D

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