Blog Hop:13 Beauty Findings In 2013

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What better way to start the year then with a blog hop. I have talked several times about the Facebook group Blogging Shares. Anyone can join and it’s for any kind of blogging not just beauty. But it just so happens the blog hop is a group of lovely ladies who do have beauty blogs. The theme is beauty discoveries new to us in 2013. I was truly amazed how fast we all came together and worked together to organize this hop. I even joked that I think next we can take over the world lol. So without any more babbling there is my thirteen… oh one more babble I had an awesome time thinking of my list. At first it was hard to think of thirteen then once the ideas starting flowing it was hard to narrow it down! It’s that life for ya lol.


Etsy: This website — if you don’t know — is a great place for small shops to showcase and sale their items. It is so not new to the world but to me (and the chagrin of my wallet) it is fun to search and discover awesome independent business people. And of course my favorite find on there is The Chequered Lily.  

nikon122313 036

See my review post here and here. And I am expecting another package of the shadows today and even the blushes. I have not raved about the blushes but I got the shade Terracotta and it is so pigmented I was able to use it off my blush brush three times and even when I went to clean it … the product was still there. The brush was featured in my brush cleaning post found here. nikon122113 036

Other companies I have found are SultryEyedDivaCO and Just Pure Minerals.  I will be having reviews of both of these companies in the near future.

Next is my very favorite Beauty Guru I fell in love with in 2013. I have several I follow but the lovely lady from Thrift Thick is a hidden gem in the youtube world. She has  great cheeky humor and I find her monthly favorites post uber unique. And she isn’t afraid to drink on camera. I totally want her for a little sister!

Now at the beginning of 2013 it finally dawned on me how old I am getting. I still feel 26 inside but boy my skin was showing some age issues. I started looking for beauty items to help turn the tide. First was my dry patchy skin. I found a routine that has turned my skin around 100%. I did a post about some products here and it is Missha brand Skin care.

nikon 123113 044

What lead me to blogging about beauty was I got tired of my current job and wanted to try something different. It was meant initially as marketing a business that well I am slow at launching BUT the first step in my mind was taking some makeup classes. The issue is I live in the middle of no where so I did online classes through the Robert Jones Academy. He is a well known makeup artist and has a great personality. I got the two certificates and they just changed it where you have to send in photos to get graded. I think it would have been cool to have that opportunity but at the same time I got by easy and I did learn a lot just taking the tests and watching the videos.

Social Media — It has opened me up to great inspiration. I have done blogs here featuring some of the beauty looks I would love to replicate. Here is a link to my direct profile. Please add me if you’d like. I often do LOTDs and various other life things. Pinterest has been an addiction as well there isn’t anything that can’t be put on there. I love the DIY stuff and ideas as well as quotes and tattoos. The newest one I discovered is Bellashoot. Here is the link to my profile.


Confidence — I have learnt to accept my uneven eyes and my thin lips. I am embracing colors even though I am over 35. I get compliments on my eye makeup and it makes my day. I have garnered enough confidence that I made myself start my business in the new year. I can do this and really what is more sexy and beautiful then inner beauty and confidence. 😀

Silk Naturals — I have found another great recent company. I have a review waiting to go up when the shop opens up again after the New Year. What I love about them is they do a vegan eye shadow dupes of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. I picked up the 3 and am loving the colors. Here is a sneak peak at the pictures I will be posting.

nikon122113 127

Hair Color — I love dark red hair but I never wanted to bleach it to get the vibrancy on lighter hair until this year I discovered this brand that is designated for dying dark hair red. I can’t go through this winter without it and recommend it completely.


Lips — Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tars. I tried one two years ago and hated it but purchased the Black Metal Dahlia and then bought two of the holiday sets. The key is moisture before applying and to be very light handed. 

nikon122113 101nikon122313 038 nikon122313 037 nikon122313 039

Eyes — I have very oily lids and I picked up Boots No7 Beautifully Matte primer. It’s ok for the face but perfect as a starting base with the shadows. This is  HG for me and I already have a back up. In all my GRWM posts I feature this as I really do use it every time.

nikon 111813 009 - Copy - Copy

Face — By far the greatest face discovery I found this year is my Tarte Blushes. They really are long wearing and beautiful. I started with the Off the Cuff Palette for Christmas then ordered another Holiday set. I will be doing a blog post where I feature the ones I own.

nikon122313 033

Brushes —  I have since purchased about six of these. The E.L.F. Flat Top powder brush. It is so multi tasking from powder foundation, setting powder, and blush. It is very inexpensive as well and ELF always has a ton of sales going on. I have a haul soon to post.

nikon122113 095

Eyebrows — Oh man my brow game has lacked for years and I didn’t realize until this year. I finally have taught myself to stop self waxing and plucking and how to fill in the sparse areas. My newest love is the Tarte Brow Mousse. It comes with an awesome brush and I have the colors Taupe and Medium Brown. (ignore the mascara … though I do love these as well. 😀  )

nikon122313 041

Ok that is it for my list. Leave questions and comments below or if you have any new discoveries you’d like me to check out in the New Year. And since it is a Blog Hop please check out and go to the posts below. Show them some love!!!!

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Angela Watkins ** The Makeup Whisperer
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11 thoughts on “Blog Hop:13 Beauty Findings In 2013

  1. Great post! You’ve got me curious about Robert Jones Beauty Academy! 🙂 I’m still working on my blog hop… it will probably be posted later this afternoon/evening.

  2. e.l.f brushes are surprisingly good! My favorites are the concealer brush, stipple brush and the flawless face brush. I have become obsessed with these three because they do their job!😉

  3. I also love the Tarte blushes! I own two full size and two smaller versions in a palette with some of their eye shadows, but will definitely buy more! Now you have me curious about the brow mousse as I am still searching for my HG eyebrow product…despite trying many different things! I have been wanting to attend a local makeup/cosmetology academy but am on the fence… I don’t want to make it my main career however, I would learn a ton and have fun so I might! They have a certification program that is strictly for makeup that costs a lot less than a cosmetology license so that’s what I would do. Just figured Id put it out there since you talked about getting your certificate! Good luck with your new business ventures by the way…and rock that confidence girl, it doesn’t age and will help you look and feel amazing no matter what!

    • I found it really worth it but also feel if I didn’t want to be able to show my certificate you can learn the same stuff off YouTube

      another route I found for great eye brows is a wax pencil and shadow.

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