GRWM– Wear it Wednesday Challenge

I was super excited that Kate from Kflowermaquillage – Musings on Makeup & Beauty let me join in on her Wear it Wednesday challenge. See our collab post here. I don’t want to give anything away with who I was to replicate and the final results. You will have to go to her site to check out the results BUT if you are curious the steps I did to get the look please keep reading.


nikon122313 001 nikon122313 002

I started with the Lumene Moisturizer and Noya lip Balm to nourish the skin and of course my bare face.

nikon122313 004 nikon122313 005

I decided to use this frosty white base to really let the brightness of the shadows come through. This looks way shimmery and bright but trust me it will look “age appropriate” when done.

Next I got out my BH cosmetics 88 tropical palette. Now i think I have said or alluded to BH cosmetics customer service being sucky but their eyeshadows for the price are good. I have a couple palettes. The only one I do not like is their neutral one. I will do a review of what i have of them next month.

Side note my new years this blog resolution is to be consistent in posting and pre-plan ahead my posts. I have found I love doing this blog and the community of fellow blogging friends I am making. It is a God Sent for my sanity 😀

Ok back to the GRWM, These are the colors and brush I used to apply.

nikon122313 006 nikon122313 008nikon122313 007

The top left is my lid color, the top right is my transition color and the bottom left is my crease. Here is the result

nikon122313 009

Next was the liner. I needed a thick cat like eye to replicate the look so I used my usual for the tightlining and the jordana liquid liner with the felt tip to really wing it out and thicken the line.

I then used this NYC shadow and went under my eyes  with it and the shade it is pointing to in the picture.

nikon122313 013nikon122313 016

I need more practice to get a perfected wing or more so I should say to figure out how to even out my eye shape as my eyes two different shape (and the bane of my existence! HA how is that for dramatic lol)

nikon122313 014 nikon122313 015

ok On to the face. I mixed my MAC Mineralize foundation. I love this foundation but I am a not this light yet for the winter so I mixed a little of the Kevyn Aucion SSE in SX05. The two very different textures of the foundation just melded together awesomely. I used the beauty blender that I finally broke down and purchased to apply.

nikon122313 017 nikon122313 018 nikon122313 019

And the results 😀 A boring even colored skin just what you want your foundation to do, right?

nikon122313 020

Next is my under eye concealing. I used a peach color for the darkness and my new favorite concealer (at 75% off at that I am praying it is just CVS that is discontinuing and not the brand in general)

nikon122313 021nikon122313 023

nikon122313 022

So on to contouring and  highlighting. This loose powder is a combination of Bare minerals warmthed toned down with some Dreamworld Hermitica foundation powder I ordered that was too light for me. And my favorite MAC NSF lightscape. The picture below is to show where I put each before being blended.

  nikon122313 027nikon122313 028nikon122313 030

Next I did an all over setting and blending with a little bit of ELF HD powder and Bare Minerals Bare Radiance. I used one of my new Tarte blushes and the brush that came with it to apply a soft wash of color. The picture I was replicating had a glowy simple over all face look with bolder eyes and lips. The picture is of it all blended and ready to move on the lips.

nikon122313 025nikon122313 033nikon122313 034

I used OCC lip Tars. It is my new obsession as I got a couple of the mini’s while they were being sold for the Holiday season. I had bought one over a year ago and hated it but then got Black Metal Dahlia and LOVED it. There is a learning curve but for my small lips they really help make them pop. At first I went with the purple color but realized that the look had more of a electric pink lip color so added the other color with it.

nikon122313 037 nikon122313 038 nikon122313 039

nikon122313 040


Then I have gotten into the habit of ending my looks with my eyebrows and mascara. I did decide the eye color needed a smidgen more pop so used a sample of Chequered Lily eyeshadow. You know I love this company! I decided I needed to use the clump crusher to do just that — a little bit of un clumping 😀

nikon122313 036 nikon122313 041nikon122313 042

nikon122313 044


Ok so now (if you didn’t go there first) go see the final look. I even attempted to dupe the hair for the full effect. I just wish I was daring enough to try out the blonde hair. But my hair is just too dark and the upkeep I can’t afford.

Any comments or questions please leave below :-)

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One thought on “GRWM– Wear it Wednesday Challenge

  1. You did an awesome job Angela, thanks for participating! 🙂 I especially love how the eyeshadow shades look with your eye colour.

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