My DIY palettes collection

nikon 112413 011 nikon 112413 013

I purchased the two above Z palettes from during their 20% off sale. I already have a small pink one.

nikon 112413 018

I turned the cheetah one into my neutral themed palette. In it I have anything from higher end Bobbi Brown, Laura Geller, and Stila to Mark and ELF.

nikon 112413 019

The black one I made into my colors palette. I also took what was in my pink palette  and added to this one. That palette had older loose pigments I wanted to DIY into solid pans. It didn’t work as great as  had hoped but they were ruined just harder to get pigment then I expected. That is probably another post though. I decided I would start using my small pink one for travel. It now holds the Benefit Blush that you see there in the corner of this one.

So the rest I have had for awhile. The two blacks one were holding a good portion of the eye shadows you see above.

This is a picture of my Wet N Wild Depotted trio sets. I decided to glue them into this metal container I had for scrapbooking. I feel it works out perfectly and I tell myself when I want to buy more trios that they won’t fit in here and I have a good varity of color anyway. So far it is working but I hear they are coming out with new five pans so we shall see.

nikon 112413 020

These are the blushes I depotted. Or eye shadows I have turned into eyeshadows. Though I may move them back into the black one since I have room. Anyway I am more of an eye shadow hoarder but am finding I could become a blush one very easily.

nikon 112413 021 nikon 112413 022

I really don’t recommend these black one above unless you just want to keep small eye shadow pans. I got them off ebay a couple years ago and I love a dupe or more inexpensive version of things but I will be z palette from now on or upcycle things in the home like I did the wet n wild.

Thanks for stopping by and any questions or comments just leave below!

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One thought on “My DIY palettes collection

  1. I LOVE your cheetah neutrals palette. It’s a good idea I had never thought of doing, I may try it myself. Oh and by the way, you can never have too much eyeshadow. If the tin is full it’s time for a new one lol

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