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UGH I got so behind on blogging this week. I believe I have mentioned I am a social worker but not sure if said for DFS. Anyway, the things I see often can’t be just put aside at the door and you have to work through them. Plus means a lot of OT depending on the situation which is what happened this week. I am thinking of setting up my posts in the weekends I am not on call early. (well the none youtube ones) I am also thinking of finding ways to get on some schedule or think ahead/plan ahead so there isn’t gaps. I want this blog to flourish and like a baby it needs a set schedule and nurturing right? 😀 Anyawy…. What I love about the blogging community is it sometimes has a dark side due to human nature but for the most part it has a wonderful communal side. This is shown perfectly in the award I got from MS Jen at Dragon Fly Beauty Reviews.  She nominated me for an award last month and I was so grateful and I am again. This one is cool as it is about community which I have become so much about within all my social media’s. I could go on a rant but I will save that for my personal blog. I will share the post here once done just for reference! And cross promotion duh. lol Which brings full circle how awesome Ms Jen was cuz in her nomination she wonderfully mentioned I am my own island. Check it out if you like (wink wink)

Ok so the rules!!!! First posting the image of the award — done

2. Link back to the person that nominated you — done

3. Nominate 6 other blogger’s who have made an impact on your blogging experience in such a way that they feel like “family”

A Little Bit of Geekery I have discovered through Ms Jen’s FB blog share (check it out and become part of the community as it is for all blogs not just beauty) She does reviews and remarkable make up looks based on Sci fi themes like her recent one in regards to the Dr Who’s 50th anniversary. I would like to do a collab with her on Firefly/Serenty (hint hint errr blatant hint lol if she reads this!) I know that Jen nominated her too but her blog really is that awesome to get a second nod.

Blushing Beauty I enjoy her variety in her posts and her recent one was Brand of the Month. I thought was unique and something I hadn’t seen before. I want to snag it! That is how awesome that post and idea was.

The Feminine Files I discovered her just today but I love the layout of the blog and her writing concise and fair especially her reviews. Currently she has an awesome giveaway she is doing that I am just noticed as I was writing this blog post. I am so entering when done writing this!!!

Joanna Loves  Her OOTD’s and wish lists give any girl great ideas for shopping. And the wish lists is another blog idea I’d like to snag!

Lulu’s Beauty Spot I love her blog for the very reason of her title. She has a main feature of spotlighting one product. She does a great job too of splashing in a little bit of favorites and lifestyle stuff.

Blondes Love Cupcakes Another blog with a beautiful layout and the title DUH!! Everyone loves cupcakes lol.  She is a lifestyle blogger who specializes in reviews and cupcake making!

Now I like to go rogue so I want to do two honorable mentions. Jen who nominated me because she really has helped me with support in liking and commenting and with her FB page and promoting my other channel. She to me in spirit is whom everyone should try to be on social media a giver of community and support. I don’t know her personally or even I think two months ago but I feel we are becoming fast social media friends so that is encouraging blog wise and personal wise. 😀 The other honorable mention is my other blog just because I have people over there that I would like to pay homage too.

4. Let your six WordPress family members know that you have awarded them — will do when I am done posting

5. Spread the Love! Done Done and Done! 😀

Thanks for stopping by and any questions or comments just leave below!

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One thought on “WordPress family award

  1. I did social work for a little while and know its tough. thanks for doing this. I’m not sure if I follow your personal blog yet so will go make sure I am

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