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So The chequered Lily has a facebook fan page. Of course I am a fan. lol The owner often has giveaways. Recently it was a random drawing by just replying to the post. Well it auto generated ME! So I got to pick out three full size containers! I chose #127 Samhain #02 Sushi Ginger and #22 Princess Aurora.  You can see my initial review of 02 and 22 with descriptions and pictures here.

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I then paid for another 7 pack sample set. A couple I got to add to colors I already loved and make me have more without buying a large one. In my earlier post  I spoke of a con being unable to get half sizes. This was my attempt at around it and it worked ok. I now have a decent amount of colors I will use but not on a regular basis. 

The sample colors from the top down are …

#128 Grimoire Smoky Plum with Pink Undertone and Copper Shimmer #121 Rickroll Coppery Burnt Orange with fuschia reflect and purple glitter. #127 Samhain Smoldering Copper with Bronze Glitter and Blue Glimmer #150 Haunted Velvety Black With Intense Violet Shimmer (not sure why it looks blue in my photos In the package it looks black and purple on the site. #130 The Ringmaster Velvety Brick Red with Strong Red Iridescence & Gold Sparkles. #26 Gilty intense golden yellow with golden shimmer and gold glitter #20 Kali Hot flame-red with intense red and burnt-orange glitter. #30 Blackberries Smokey burgundy-purple with black undertone and pink sparkle. #131 For Amusement Only Rich Reddened Gold with Subtle Red Glimmer & Crimson Glitter.

nikon 111813 068nikon 111813 073   nikon 111813 069nikon 111813 074nikon 111813 070

nikon 111813 066

I did the three color swipe again. I am trying to stay uniform in my swatches between companies. At least the ones the specialize in eye shadows.

Here is a look with the Samhain shadow. What I love about this one it is a shimmery sister to MAC’s Brown Script. It is my favorite MAC shade to let you know just how awesome I think that is!


Here is on with me using Princess Aurora. I wish I knew how those MUA’s on IG make the colors pop cuz in real life this was way brighter!

004 003 

The BEST PART OF ALL is the owner is having a black friday/cybermonday sale. Per the etsy shop, BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY sale 20% off everything all weekend and Monday! ^_^ Saturday and Sunday: FREE full sized lip balm in Snow Queen (new & unreleased) on any order of full sized product.  There is still totally time to get your order in. I did Friday and will be getting 6 colors in full sizes I don’t have at all (at this point I have complete faith I don’t mind not getting a sample first. And I had to be conservative due to Christmas. These are all colors I don’t think I have anything in my collection like. Fingers crossed 😀  ) and one blush which I haven’t tried from them. And it looks like I qualified for the free lippie sample so I am excited as I didn’t see that until I did this post WHOOT WHOOT!

Oh I forgot disclaimer… other then the product I won I have paid and continue to pay for the products reviewed and  the opinion is my own and would continue to be regardless.

Thanks for stopping by and any questions just leave below!

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