Halloween makeup

My son’s friend came over to trick and treat. She wanted to cosplay as a female Sam Winchester from Supernatural.



I used ELF mattyfing foundation. Urban Decay shadows and OCC lip tar on the lips. She is the first person besides myself I have really practiced on. Oh man it is so different doing it on someone else. I felt like a total newbie which I really am as far as a makeup artist. It was nice as she didn’t like some things I did or the direction so it was a great lesson on listening to your client and doing what they want without taking it personal. I think she liked the over all end or if she didn’t she was nice to me about it 😀

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I decided since I wasn’t going to work I would try a dark shadow. I used a Rimmel pencil in black as my creamy pencil I was too lazy to look for. It worked out well. I used Crackberry from my new Fave Indie Etsy site The Chequered Lily It is a beautiful duo chrome where it is purple regularly but with a black background it is a blue sparkle. Very beautiful these pictures don’t do it justice! It looked great with a red lipstick as well. I was super happy with the results. The foundation is bare minerals that I am testing out. So far they are ok as well.

Sorry once again I am so late in posting this as Halloween was over two weeks ago but I wanted to tell you more about products used. Of course I still need to make a point to write down what I am using so I can tell you in these posts!

Thanks for stopping by and any questions just leave below!

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