Birthday Haul

Here is a picture of the foundation from Sephora: Click Link to Purchase

nikon 10181976 008

I purposefully got the tan hoping to use it as a way to darken my lighter foundation. In particular the MAC I bought when I was at my palest last winter. It has went back as I decided even at 9.00 there was less expensive things I could mix it with and it didn’t seem to be a HG kind of formula. While at the store I did ask for a sample just in case I regretted the decision.

Here is a picture of the OCC Lip Tar set I purchased

nikon 10181976 006
They are very thick and smeared super easy! The colors are Black Dahlia described as a blackened red, Anime described as vibrant neon pink, Momento described as a pink/plum neutral, and NSFW a true-balanced Red. All are gorgeous. I did previously purchase the Black Metal Dahlia and it is way prettier and a better tone BUT I think if I get the white or some other color to lighten the color it could be gorgeous on me. I do think on darker skins it would look awesome or if I had fuller lips.

I did not take a picture of the Sephora Eye Shadow’s I purchased. Here is a stock photo.

I purchased the Taupe Silver which arrived broke and has been returned and the Golden Taupe. Both were very pretty. The picture above is for the one I kept.

I am in love with my Tarte Off the Cuff 12-hour Blush Palette and Bracelet 

H ere is a Stock Photo of this one too.


Next because I have thin lips and didn’t want to invest in a ton of lip pencils I purchased Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencil in Ozone.

So far I like it but I wouldn’t buy different colors.

From I purchased two things that had high reviews on Makeup Alley.

Bourjois Healthy Mix FOundation in 52 Vanilla


I am on the fence about it. It doesn’t seem to last all day or be anything special. I think it might go back. Plus the packaging was iffy to me and I am having issues letting it go.

Next is the Bourjois Bronzing Primer … it is a cool texture but I don’t really see that it does anything when worn under the foundation and as a primer I have no need for it to be on top?????


Well that is pretty much it other than the free samples from Sephora. I talk a little about them in the Youtube video I just posted. Go check it out too, please and subscribe if you like what I have to say and willing to stick it out while I improve my quality.

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