I will be 37 (EEP) on October 18 and I am a dreamer. I have done many things in my life… traveled to Tasmania Australia … gave birth to three boys (one 10 lbs 11 0z delivered by a midwife) … had a near death experience (where I truly believe I spoke to God) … Moved to a different state and finished my BS degree! … work in my field at a decent enough success … and now start my own business. ‘

Two months ago I decided I want to officially be my own boss. I have been watching youtube videos forever and attempting to perfect how I apply my makeup. After talking to a co-worker and encouraging her to be makeup artist so I can live vicariously through her, I decided “Hell.. I can do that myself!” So I researched online makeup classes since I live in the middle of no where Missouri. I found Robert Jones Academy and In less than two months I pasted and got through both the apprentice level and Master level. Right now I have received my apprentice level certificate in the mail.


Also, I have been taking small business classes through SCORE and learning about the viability of my business plan.

So far I have decided on the name of my business and an idea of what I want to do. My parents are behind me but had a good point. It is best to start as a photographer as I have experience and education background in it. I even use to have my own dark room.

This website it my first real step to making this dream come true. I hope you can join me for the ride.

I will leave with with this photo. It represents what I have learned in regards to makeup. Color theory teaches us opposite colors are best to bring out green eyes and neutrals work for all. I love how my green eyes show bright in this photo.


What are your dreams?


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